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A Musician's Prayer

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

A small poem I wrote a long while ago. It is titled, "A Musician's Prayer"

If only it were that simple. If only we could stop wars by placing stereo systems in front of our doors. To stop the killing and the violence by simply stimulating our auditory sense. Stop the envy, greed, and hate and sit down and absorb the musical notes that one or ten men or women to so much time and/or passion to create.

Music is the only thing both dynamic and static, flowing in and out of consciousness among the masses. Those given the ability to express themselves through it are in fact truly gifted; not because of the many doors that are opened but because they have a way to materialize their heart and soul on a page through licks and riffs. That is not something many would do due to fear of judgement but this only means they have never felt the need to scream or cut; to leave to a place where no one can shun them. Those 5 lines and 4 spaces extend so far that not even our minds can begin to contain them.

There will always be notes no one has ever played, words that have never been said or songs never written and this is the thought you must let invade your fingers. When writing or singing or playing or THINKING; music manifests itself through everything, let it be happiness or pain, let it burn, let it sting, let it rain. The only restriction is the one found when you compare yourself to another musician. You are you and you have one style; a mixture of many or something on a completely blank tile.

Expression has no limits except for those you choose to impose. Success is a concept that has been associated with such objects as gold but in reality is subjective. You must see yourself in all of your compositions because you are the only one in that position. The most factual thing in music is that feeling you get when you begin to lose yourself to it. An art born out of emotion, alive a million years and all though genres have died, we make them flourish by never putting them aside.

We are the ones who keep music alive; so to those who put their ears to better use, live on as the music that has shown us the truth.

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