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These are some of the projects that I am proudly a part of. Click on the project to found out more! I try to promote culture wherever it is that I go, so some of these projects are in Honduras, while others are in the United States.


Logo Oficial.png

Founded in May 2020

Ceiba is an eCommerce business that I co-founded in May of 2020 that serves as an ecosystem for entrepreneurship for Honduran businesses. It is a network for entrepreneurs and was founded during the COVID pandemic when everyone was taking their businesses online.

Ceiba is currently operating on Instagram and Facebook and growing by interacting with entrepreneurs and providing resources for any of our associated businesses. We provide logo and flyer design services, consulting, as well as strive to create the first main online marketplace in Honduras and be fully operational by 2022. 

For any business inquiries, send an email to and follow us on Instagram: @ceiba_hn


MCM 222.jpeg

Founded in June 2019

This is a cultural non-profit organization that I co-founded with my two friends, Cecilia Bu and Maria Fernanda Medina. We have hosted two music festivals labeled under Dazz Dayz as well as promoted local artists and musicians across our social media platforms. We hope to create a space for any creatives. who wants it!

We are currently working on creating the largest artist catalog in Honduras, as well as working towards several international projects.

If you want to collaborate, donate, or be a part of the project, send an email to:


Pet Shop Promo.jpeg

Founded in October 2019

Pet Shop is a band that came to life with drummer Carlos Flores and bassist Dylan Sherman. We have grown to hit the local scene in Holland, MI, playing at a number of different places including New Holland Brewing Co, Sandy Point Beach House, GreekFest, as well as college shows at Hope College. We are currently expanding as a group and working on original material which we hope to showcase post-pandemic.

You can find us on Facebook and Instagram as Pet Shop Jazz. We play all types of genres for any event at affordable rates.

For booking inquiries, send an email to:



Founded in March 2020

Quarentema is a fun little IG Live series that I created during my quarantine period in Holland, MI. I had just come back from my canceled Vienna program and wanted to share the conversations I was having with the world. 

I pick a guest and together we develop a deep topic (music, mental health, politics, economics, etc) and we have a one-hour conversation with questions, comments, laughs, and depth. I have had over 20 Quarentemas and I am always looking for more content!

If you or someone you know are interested in being on the series, shoot me a DM on Instagram: @michaeljpineda

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